Lemon Cream Goat Milk Lotion

Lemon Cream Goat Milk Lotion


A wonderful hint of lemon for your skin care routine. We use lemongrass essential oil in this customer favorite goat milk lotion. 

Our creamy goat milk lotion is made from scratch using our own time tested recipe! Goes on smooth and absorbs into your skin instantly. This lotion is very thick but not greasy, it is not water based so it is excellent for people with eczema, dry skin, or those sensitive to artificial scent.

Available in a 4 oz. glass pump top bottle.

Our lotions are free of phthalates, formaldahyde, parabens, petrolatum, artificial colors, and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. Our product is vegan and we never use animal testing.

Ingredients: Goat milk, distilled water, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, apricot kernel oil, coc0nut oil, shea butter, mango butter, emulsifying wax, steric acid, optiphen preservative, lemongrass essential oil.

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